LaPerouse Education Fund

A program of the Friends of the Laperouse Museum Inc.

The Laperouse Education fund was established in 2017 with a grant of 5000 Euros from the French Parliament. 
This was augmented by a fund raising function at the NSW Parliament House hosted by our patron the Hon. Don Harwin MLC.




The Committee of the Friends of the Laperouse Museum Inc. has approved the launch of an essay competition open to all high schools in Randwick City Council. The essay on Laperouse the Navigator will run
in 2019 with the winning student receiving a $500 bursary and the winning school a $500 prize. 

Participating students must be nominated by their school. 

For copy of the invitation sent to Randwick secondary schools and of all of our brochures download forms click on the list below:

Invitation to High Schools Laperouse Brochure 

For further information contact your school's principal or the Hon.
Secretary at 

Our first grant

The Friends of the Laperouse Museum Inc. was honoured to join THALES in a combined THALES-Laperouse Education Fund scholarship of $20,000.00 by contributing a matching $10,000.00. The grant financed two young Australian students in their honours year of engineering, mathematics and sciencefrom the University of Western Sydney (UWS) to enable them to spend a semester at UNICE to advance their learning of electrical and mechanical engineering in the field of acoustics.

Educational brochures

The Friends of the Laperouse Museum publish a number of free brochures. These are available at the Museum or can be downloaded here by clicking on the items below:

Friends of the Laperouse Museum Brochure 
      Laperouse Booklet 
         Pere Receveur Information
        La Perouse Birthplace of Catholicism